Adventures in Arda

2.6.4 Inside the Fortress


Inside the Fortress


Moonday 6 Hithui(Foggy) – (First Winter) T.A. 2758

Aramis returns to the cart with Cúthalion. The elf leaves his weapons in the cart and bids the Gondorian farewell before turning back towards the upper courtyard of the fortress. Aramis remained alone standing with the cart.
Aramis then returns the substantial amount of coin he withdrew to the chest, grabs a more reasonable walking about sum, and seeks a drink and a warm bed.

After returning his gold coins to the locked chest in the cart, Aramis ventures to the back of the Coombe to return to the tavern where he first met Gilfalassë a few days past. The tavern is a small makeshift building, quickly pieced together from gnarled wood posts draped in thick drab burlap and the tattered remnants of sheep and goat hides. Aramis pushes his way inside and has to wait for his eyes to adjust from the early morning bright down to the smoky darkness inside. The stumps and old warped planks that serve as chairs and tables lay scattered throughout, many of them surrounding the ashes of a dead fire ring near the center of the dirt floor. Most are unoccupied save a few guardsmen who stopped in for a meager breakfast away from the crisp morning air. A few look up at Aramis as he enters, but only the man leaning against a thick post gives a curt nod over his drinking horn.
Aramis addresses the bartender

Barkeep! It has been a long day, I’ll take a bowl of anything warm, and a mug of your vilest rotgut

The man standing behind a warped plank countertop nods and turns to poke his head through a tattered cloth curtain into the back. A few moments later a young lad emerges with a wood bowl filled with a thick gruel. Steam curls off the bowl as he sets it on the planks. The lad retreats through the curtain. The barkeep grabs a small mug and turns to fill it. A thick black stream pours forth from a small oaken barrel resting on a stump. The man stops the spigot and wheels back to the bar. He places the mug next to the steaming bowl and slides them both forward in front of Aramis.

You look like you’ve had quite a night. That’ll be two penny my lord

Business proposition for you my new friend

Aramis grabs a random handful of coins from a pocket and slaps it on table

I do not wish to be simultaneously alone, awake, and with an empty mug at any point today. I generally prefer the company of comely maidens, but honestly as long as they aren’t carrying an ostentatious shield or old enough to remember the founding of Gondor or King of some place called ‘Rohan’ I’m not too picky.

Aramis takes a huge swig from his mug and barely suppresses a sputtering cough

Do you catch my drift?

The bar keeper smirks when Aramis mentions the King of Rohan

Aye! I catch your meanin’. I too am want for a warm bed and comely maiden. Alas, cold is the night of late. I can offer you a blanket but have no soft bed to lay it on. As for a lass, I am unable to find you one as I do not have any on the records here. Yet, many a man and woman best the cold dark night around that great fire. Your quarry may be found the easiest come nightfall. There may even be a maiden suitable for your…

he pauses and leans in slightly

Gondorian … tastes

He fingers through the pile of coins and slides out two Silver Pennies and shoves them in a cloth pouch at his hip. 

Unaccustomed to rebuff in his fancy-man ways, Aramis blinks for a moment. Was saving this land worth it if he wasn’t getting laid, should he soliloquize or storm out in disgust? Either was evidently effort too much as he collapsed face first into his gruel, to sleep until the action picks up again.



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