Adventures in Arda

2.2 Cistenbéam


Starday 4 Hithui(Foggy) – (First Winter) T.A. 2758

Gilfalassë meets the stable master Wigstan who approaches him

Greetings!! My name is Wigstan. What can I do for you?

Hello Mr. Wigstan, my name is Gilfalassë. I recently spoke with the Quartermaster, Oswine, and he suggested that I speak to you about work that may need to be done. I have a number of skills that may be useful, but I am willing to do anything required.

What kind of skills do you have? You seem more intelligent and could be much more useful than simply haying and shoveling shit.

I am an effective reader and writer. And am a capable woodsman as well. If you have need of an astronomer, which it seems unlikely that you would, I’m also fairly capable in that regard. If you need help with animals, I might be able to assist in that regard as well.

Wigstan pauses, then gestures towards Gilfalassë as if he has just thought of something.

I just sent Cenric to bring in the horses and ever since Wulfric has not yet returned we have had difficulty bringing all the animals in and out from the Coomb. If you could go meet Cenric out there and help him I would be grateful.

It would be a pleasure.

Gillfalasse heads out towards the Coomb, seeking to assist Cenric in his duties.
When Gilfalassë arrives at the pasture, a large man is holding the reigns of a beautiful young chestnut colt that is rearing and pulling away from the man trying to calm him. Gilfalassë approaches and gently gestures towards the colt and as he does he calms down enough for the man to tie his lead off to the fence railing. The man thanks Gilfalassë at which point he introduces himself and says he was sent by Wigstan. The man thanks him as he grabs a small apple from a pouch on his belt and gives it to the horse while he gently pets his muzzle.

Without looking away from the horse he says

Cistenbéam has been on edge these last few days and will barely eat. This is the most calm I have seen him lately. He must like the look of you our something.

He then says if Gilfalassë could lead the line of 8 horses tied near the pasture gate then they could head back to the stables.
On the way back, Gilfalassë asks him who Wulfric is and why he disappeared.
Cenric says that he is one of the stable guards and two days ago some horses went missing during the early hours of his night shift and their disappearance was discovered when Cenric came in the next morning to preform a roll call and prepare for the surge of people fleeing to the fortress. Wulfric left the fortress in a panic and hasn’t returned since.
Gilfalassë asks if Wulfric had any kin in the fortress that might know where he went. Cenric tells him that Wulric doesn’t have any family and mostly kept to himself so no one really knows where he was planning on going or when he would return. He was an honest man and Cenric doesn’t think he could have taken the horses so it makes him sad to see so much blame put on the young man.
When they bring the string of horses back in to the stables, Cenric thanks Gilfalassë for his help and says that if he finds out any information regarding Wulfric that he should come back to see him. After feeding Cistenbéam one last apple, Gilfalassë takes his leave of Cenric, and begin his search for Wulfric.
As Gilfalassë is leaving, Wigstan stops him and also thanks him for his help. He says that he is especially grateful for his help calming Cistenbéam down because he has been nearly uncontrollable since the disappearances. Even Cenric who usually is so good with the horses cannot calm him lately and he may be in touch with Gilfalassë soon if he needs any more help.
Gilfalassë smiles pleasantly, and heads towards the guard barracks.

In the guard hall, there are two guards on duty. When he arrives, he requests to see the current guard in charge, and asks about Wulfric’s disappearance.
When Gilfalassë approaches them and asks about Wulfrics disappearance one of them says he liked Wulfric and it’s very suspicious that he ran off so quickly but he doesn’t think that Wulfric could do something like that. The other nods in agreement. When Gilfalassë asks them about the last time they say him they both recall seeing him in the long hall the day before he disappeared when he came in to eat after the end of his early morning duties. They say he must have left in a rush because when some other guards searched his sleeping quarters after his disappearance, they found that he hadn’t even taken his heavy riding cloak with him so he only had his thin sheepskin tunic and cloak to go out with.
Gilfalassë responds

Most Peculiar. If you saw what direction he left in, perhaps I could go after him and see if I can find him

He rode out the main gate and went North up the road and out of the coomb. Where he went from there no one can say. Since the disappearances and Wulfric’s flight, the gate guards have stricter orders and no one is allowed in and out the gates without direct orders from either the second marshal or the king himself. If you are so keen on finding Wulfric and the horses I would request a council with either of them.

Gilfalassë thanks the guards for their assistance in the matter, and tells them that he will do his best to resolve the situation. After leaving the guard house, he leaves in search of his newly met friend Aramis in order to ask him about procuring permission to leave the fortress.



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