Fréaláf Hildeson

Sister Son of Helm Hammerhand; Third Marshal of the Mark


Fréalaf was born in T.A. 2726 to Hild, the sister of Helm Hammerhand. Fréalaf is slightly taller than the average Rohirrim and has long blonde hair and a muscular build.
He wields a sword named Herugrim which has been passed down to him through generations dating back to the second son of Eorl the Young.

Fréalaf currently resides in Aldburg and is the Third Marshal of the Mark in control of the Eastern lands of Rohan. Fréalaf has a young son Brytta who was born in T.A. 2752 and also resides in Aldburg.

The recent increase in attacks from the Dunlendings in the West, Easterlings in the East and orcs from the White Mountains have caused the East-Mark to be under a much greater threat than it traditiionally is under.

Fréaláf Hildeson

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