Prince Háma

Lord of Súthburg; Second Marshal of the Mark; Second Son of Helm Hammerhand;



Háma is the Lord of Súthburg and Second Marshal of the Mark.
As the Second Marshal he commands all riders in the Western lands of Rohan. The West-mark stretches from the Entwash and Snowbourn Rivers to the West. Major provinces include the Westemnet, Westfold, West-march and the Gap of Rohan. The Fords of the Isen are a principle river crossing into the realm.

Physical appearance:

Háma is middle aged and has a head of thin long brown hair. He has deep-set brown eyes that bear the weight of many years of troubles in the lands under his watch. He wears a well-trimmed beard and moustache
He is taller than the average man and strongly built.
He is rarely seen without his riding armor or cavalry sword.


Háma is strong willed and firm.
He is also kind to the residents of his fortress and lands.



Háma is the second son of Helm Hammerhand. His older brother is Haleth and he also has a younger sister.

He has lived in the fortress as the Second Marshal since the day he became a man and left his father’s side at Edoras. During the early years he studied under the previous Marshal who’s son has since become the master of arms in Súthburg.

The heavy increase in the Dunlending attacks in the West has caused him to evacuate many of the surrounding villages and rely on the safety of the stronghold.
In the middle of Second Autumn, Háma is to lead the Second Muster and join part of the First and Third Musters to cross the Isen and attack the Dunlendings just before the hardships of winter set in.


He is talented with both sword and spear on horseback and leads men into combat well.

Áccynheorte is his horse and friend.

  • He was given to Háma by King Helm when the Prince was 12. His older brother Haleth received the only older brother of Áccynheorte a few years before.
  • He was missing when Wulfric disappeared on Valarday 2 2758.
  • The party recovered Áccynheorte in the raid on the Dunlending camp with King Helm on the night of Sunday 5.


  • Close relationship with King Helm
  • Loves Áccynheorte like a brother
  • Respected and loved by residents of Súthburg
  • Grateful to all members of party for return of horse.

Prince Háma

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