The head of the Pelargir Wardens.



Baranor(Tower Sun) son of Belenor( Great Sun) is a Gondorian man with a slight appearance of Dúnedain blood. He is tall and has curly black hair. He is clean shaven and has weary brown eyes that have seen too many battles. His left bicep has a long scar that is usually covered by a tunic of his armor. When he is wearing his armor, he appears to be one of the Númenóreans of the second age. The Wardens of Pelargir have retained the armor of their Númenórean ancestors. Baranor wears the traditional Númenórean seabird-winged helm. Although it looks rugged and worn, the helm still glistens in even the dimmest of sunlight. Baranor’s flowing sea blue cape nearly reaches the floor when he stands upright. He wears coarse chainmail over which a leather tabard is draped displaying the seven stars of the faithful with a large ship beneath. His broad reinforced shield is emblazoned with the coat of arms of his beloved Pelargir.


Baranor is a clever and cunning warrior. Although he has the ability to fight toe to toe with the fiercest of corsair raiders, he prefers to defeat the enemy without risk to himself or his men. He is a caring and noble leader and will put himself in harm’s way before he would do the same to his men. He is very strict and does everything according to the laws of the land first with his own moral code close in second.


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