Helm Hammerhand

9th King of Rohan


Helm son of Gram is the 9th king in the first line of the kings of Rohan. He was born in 2691 and is now 67 years old. He became the king of Rohan in 2741. In 2754 Freca, a Rohirrim noble in the Westfold with some Dunlending blood, attempted to gain the hand of Helm’s daughter for his son Wulf. When Helm refused, Freca came to Edoras with troops to attempt to force Helm into compliance. On the steps of Meduseld Freca insulted Helm and Helm slew him with one blow of his mighty fist. From that day forward, Helm became known as Helm Hammerhand.
The act of slaying Freca has caused the Dunlendings in the west to feel more resentment towards the Rohirrim and gave them a bigger excuse to engage in open warfare. The attacks of the Dunlendings have grown over the last 4 years and soon open war will erupt.
Helm has two heirs in his son Haleth and Hama and has one daughter. He also has a sister Hild and through her a nephew named Fréalaf Hildeson.


Helm Hammerhand

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