The proprieter and head brewmaster of the Spouting Whale Inn, Pelargir.



Roald(Famous Ruler ) son of Storr(Great Man ) is 47 and has the remnants of a head of dark hair. He is balding on top and is starting to show some grey hair but the majority of what is left is dark. He is shorter than the average DĂșnedain and the gondorians that inhabit the city. He is slightly round and very muscular.


Although he looks intimidating, Roald is a gentle man. He is very kind-hearted and friendly. However, he is wary of strange races. Individuals do have the ability to prove themselves in his eyes. Those that he count among his friends are very well treated and respected.

History and Family History

Roald has been the proprietor and head brewmaster of the Spouting Whale Inn for nearly a decade and a half. When he was 33 his father Storr retired and left the Inn in the hands of Roald. The Inn itself was founded in TA 2457 by Roald’s Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Grandfather Stig(Wanderer ). Stig left Dale in TA 2453 at the young age of 19. After wandering around Rhovanion and Gondor for a few years, he settled in Pelargir and with the help of some noble friends he met bought a small warehouse on the north end of the quarter of the faithful. Stig brought with him a family recipe for the now famous “Dale Ale” and the “Honey Mead” that are both brewed in the brewery in the basement. Since then, the inn has been expanded 3 times to include a storehouse, brewery, tavern, and 2 story inn.
p. Roald has a wife named CelebrĂ­an (Silver Maiden ) who grew up in Linhir in South Gondor. She serves as the innkeeper and manages the inn for Roald while he maintains the brewery. Together they have a son named Ric who is a handsome young lad who works as a server in the bar and performs any other duties asked of him.


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