Rebel from Rohan and leader of the Dunlendings


Wulf is a large man with brownish red hair and a thick beard. Often his face is painted with tribal dunlending designs. He is broad and tall and stands slightly above others of rohirric blood. He carries a large battleaxe whose sharp edge glints in even the lowest light. Despite his immense size, he is a quick man who can run faster than many of the horse lords who prefer to be mounted.


Wulf is a cunning and influential leader. He is quick to anger and does what he can to achieve retribution on those who have wronged him. He is fearless in battle and leads his men from the front until all the enemies are dead or gone or he is unable to lift his own axe.



Wulf is the son of Freca, once a noble of Rohan who held lands on the river Adorn on the western border of Rohan. Freca had mixed Rohirrim and Dunlending blood and was slightly mistrusted because of it. He tried to claim the throne by claiming descendancy from King Fréawine the fifth king of Rohan. Freca then planned to let Wulf marry the daughter of the king, Helm. In TA 2754 Freca left for Edoras with a large group of soldiers to force the king to comply with his demands. When he arrived at Meduseld however, Helm struck him with his fist and stunned him. Freca died slightly later from the blow. Helm then declared Wulf and his kin enemies of the king and of Rohan. 4 years later, Wulf has returned with a contingent of Dunlendings to attack Helm and take the throne.


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