Tawfael(Gleaming wool) is a male lamb that is 1.5 years old.


Tawfael is still a lamb but he is nearly grown into a strong ram. His wool is soft and white speckled with some silvery grey. This speckled silver makes his coat appear to glisten and shimmer in the sun and has been that way since his birth. On either side of his head Tawfael has grown two white horns that have begun to curl back around his ears. Tawfael stands 2’3" tall at the shoulder and weighs 200 pounds.

Medium Animal

Alignment: Neutral
Initiative: + 1 Speed: 30 ft.(6 squares)
Vitality Points: 2d8 + 2(14) Wound Points: 12
AC/tch/ff: 13/11/12 (+ 1 Dex,+ 2 Natural )
Saves: Fort(3) + 4, Ref(3) + 4, Will(0) + 0
BAB/Grapple: + 1/ + 1 Space/Reach: 5 ft./5 ft.
Attack Bite + 1 (d4)
Full Attack: Bite + 1 (d4)
Special Attacks:
Special Qualities: Low-Light Vision, Scent
Abilities: Str 11(0), Dex 13(1), Con 12(1), Int 1(-5), Wis 11(0), Cha 4(0)
Skills: Listen(3) + 3, Spot(2) + 2
Feats: Alertness(B), Endurance

Tawfael was born on the farm of Hirluin son of Hirgon in Minas Athor just a few days ride south of the Rammas Echor nesteled against the White Mountains. In the middle of First Autumn, Tawfael’s farm was attacked by a small band of orcs who had established a cave an hour north into the foothills. The orcs killed Tawfael’s sister Tawuilos(Snowy wool) and captured Hirluin’s son Húrin and retreated back to the caverns. Tawfael and his father defended the rest of the flock fearcly but were unable to save Tawuilos or Húrin. Later, Dagorhir the knight of Gondor and his travelling companions saved Húrin and as a token of his appreciation for saving both his son and his flock Hirluin gifted the party Tawfael.


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