Súthburg stable master.



Wigstan is the stable master of the fortress of Súthburg. He manages the horses for the garrison during peacetime and during the siege has managed the many horses, sheep, and goats that have come in with sheltering soldiers and refugees. On Valarday 2 First Winter, 2758, some horses were discovered to be missing from the stables. Among them was Áccynheorte, the horse and friend of the Prince. The night guard Wulfric was also surprisingly missing.

Physical appearance:

Wigstan is a middle-aged man who has seen many hard years and wears them on his face and hands. His face and brow show deep furrows of wrinkles. Though he appears aged and weathered, he yet remains surprisingly strong from years of physical labor. Through the years he has His sandy brown hair has receded over the crown of his head. He wears a coarse short beard speckled with gray.


Wigstan is a jovial and friendly man who is quick to make new friends.
He views those in his employ as family and will do anything he can to help his friends in need. He has a hearty handshakes and a heartier laugh. He often wears his emotions on his sleeve. He adores his young son Wiglaf.



Nothing is currently known of his background.


  • Wigstan is friendly towards Gilfalassë despite only a brief encounter.
  • Wigstan adores his 12 years old son Wiglaf. He helps him in the stables where he can. He is a shy but polite lad.
  • Wigstan works with and seemingly has a favorable view of Cenric
  • Wigstan thinks Wulfric is a good guard and thinks it is strange for the horses to have gone missing on his watch. Wigstan is curious to hear what Wulfric has to say if he truly has been returned to the fortress.
  • Wigstan speaks of Prince Háma as a friend and lord. He adores his horse Áccynheorte and is relieved to see him returned from the Dunlending camp.


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