Stable groom and guard in Súthburg. Imprisoned for Treason.



Wulfric is one of the stable guards at the fortress of Súthburg. He tends the horses during peace time. During the siege he has been taking shifts keeping night watch over the pasture in the Deeping Coombe as well as the stables.

Physical appearance:

Wulfric is a young man in his physical prime and is tall and strong. He has a thick reddish blonde hair and a thick beard and deep blue eyes. His right ankle was broken while imprisoned by the Dunlendings.


According to Cenric: He is a quiet man who keeps to himself.

According to those who work with him, he is an honest man. He is well liked but does not have any close friends.


On Valarday 2, 2 days before the party came to the fortress, Wulfric was found missing from duty. His disappearance is coincident with the disappearance of some horses from the stables.

After his disappearance, an investigation was launched by orders of the King himself.

On Sunday 5/Moonday 6, Wulfric was recovered by the party from a stockade in the Dunlending camp

On Moonday 6, Wulfric was arrested for treason in the house of healing in front of Cuthalion


On Valarday 2, When some guards searched his sleeping quarters they found that he hadn’t even taken his heavy riding cloak with him so he only had his thin work cloak to go out with.

Currently, no conclusion has been reached about the disappearance.


He does not have any family inside the fortress.

Trusts Wigstan and is respectful of him


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