(s. Healing light) Silver Sindarin circlet


+5 Heal
AC +1 (sacred)


This fine silver circlet was crafted in Lindon on the orders of Gil-Galad in S.A. 3320 in commemoration of the founding of the kingdom of Arnor. It was gifted to Elendil to help him and his lands of Arnor and Gondor prosper. The circlet stayed at the seat of his kingdom in Annúminas at the royal houses of healing. For centuries, it was worn by the best healers in Arnor. The circlet remained there until T.A. 851 when King Eärendur died and the kingdom of Arnor was split into three warring states. Amlaith, Eärendur’s eldest son, moved the capital of his new Kingdom of Arthedain to the city of Fornost. The chief healers of Arthedain traveled to Fornost and with them, Caladnestadren. The circlet helped the healers of Fornost to lessen the effects of the great plague and remained in Fornost through the war with Angmar. The Witch King proved too powerful and in 1973 Arvedui saw the downfall of his kingdom and sent the artifact to Círdan in Mithlond in order to keep it safe. The circlet then remained in Mithlond for nearly another 800 years and was used by Angolhawn, the head healer in Lindon, to teach young elves the healing arts. In 2756 the circlet passed to a young half-Sindar who came to Mithlond to learn from Angolhawn. Although he is aware of the circlet’s history, he does not yet fully understand the power of the artifact and has many of it’s secrets to unlock throughout his journey.


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