s. Orc Splitter +2 Dwarven Waraxe

weapon (melee)

Glambthanc is a finely crafted Dwarven waraxe that has survived through the ages. The blades of the weapon still shine as if they are brand new and are clearly lined with precious mithril to create a razor sharp cutting surface. Runes inscribed along the blade edges are deepset and clear. When the weapon is used against orcs, the runes begin to glow with a dull fiery red glow that intensifies with more action. The clarity of the runes is preserved through the intense glowing however. At the base of the blades along the haft of the weapon there are two inset rubies that shine with a bright red glow when even the dimmest of lights is cast upon them. The haft of the weapon is tightly wrapped in leather wrappings and is encircled with smaller runes. The shoulder of the haft is edged with silver overlaying the tightly bound wrappings. The knob of the weapon contains an additional ruby as well crafted as the two inset near the blade.
Although the full potential of the weapon has yet to be unlocked and has been dormant for thousands of years, it is clearly a powerful weapon.


Glambthanc was one of many weapons forged by the firebeard craftsmen of Nogrod in the first age. After the sinking of Beleriand when Nogrod was abandonned, the weapon was thought to be lost. When the refugees of Nogrod moved to Khazad-dûm recollection of the many weapons forged was passed into legend. After the awakening of Durin’s bane in T.A. 1990, the firebeards returned to the old location of Nogrod to attempt to reestablish the fortress. Glambthanc was then found along with many other similar weapons used in the first age to fight against Morgoth and his allies. Currently, Glambthanc is in the possession of Glanvar Berg, a firebeard dwarf who removed it from Nogrod when he left for a quest to the orc infested Moria.
Although the axe was sharp and cut easily through the Corsairs that Glanvar had encountered in Pelargir, the axe seems lightest and truest when it is being swung at an orc. When in the White Mountains, Glanvar noticed the axe begining to glow more and more with each swing of his axe until all the orcs had died and the light faded


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