Noldorin Rapier (s. Quick Thorn) +2 Rapier

weapon (melee)

Horthereg is beautifully crafted with intricate elven designs inscribed in the ancient blade. A thin vine covered with thorns stretches up nearly the length of the blade before ending in a long thin spine. The sheath is made of leather that still appears gently used even after thousands of years of use. The leather is inscribed with gold in the same vine and thorn design as the blade.


Horthereg is a very light Noldorin rapier that has become an heirloom of a wealthy family in Dol Amroth. How it came into their possession is not fully known but it remained their until 2744 when a Corsair captain killed the landowners and took the weapon along with their possessions. The young boy Aramis was spared and enslaved by the corsairs. In 2758 he burned the corsair ship and reclaimed his family honor and heirlooms. Horthereg once again switched hands to serve its new master with speed and grace.
In a trip into the white mountains in late 2758, Aramis noted that the blade shone with a dull blue light in the presence of orcs. This light seemed as if it had been a bright light shining through a dense blue cloth and barely shone through. It was strongest in the intricate designs that stretched up the length of the blade.


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