Ivrenmithiel's Staff

The staff of Ivrenmithiel


Masterwork Staff

The staff is a perfectly straight rod, with a green gem set in the top, which turns grey when casting in storms. Its body portrays a battlefield that rages, with matched pairs of warriors. In the center there is a woman, just below the skies. The woman is drawing energy from the sun and stars, and is empowering the troops below her. The carvings actually move sometimes.

When Ivrenmithiel carried the staff, the gem was orange, and glowed blue when she channeled power through her natural focus.


This staff once belonged to Ivrenmithiel, a Dúnedain spellcaster who lived among her kin folk in Arnor. She learned the intricacies of spell casting at a young age from Naralda, a spell caster who served as a magical councilor to the chieftains of the Dúnedain. He taught her much about the ways of magic. When her younger brother Gilfalassë became old enough, the two spent much of their time exploring the wild and learning to practice their magic in tune with the world around them. During a particularly stormy night, the storm seemed to channel through Gilfalassë and augmented his power much beyond what he could handle. A spell he cast backfired and he was knocked unconscious. When he awoke, his memory was wiped away and his sister was gone. His staff and sword were destroyed. All that was left of his sister was her staff and he took it with the intent of finding her and returning it to her.

Ivrenmithiel's Staff

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