Marroc's Staff

Wolf Head staff of the Dunlending Shaman Marroc


This staff is the staff of Marroc the Dunlending Shaman. When Marroc was killed on in the middle of Second Autumn, T.A. 2758, Helm Hammerhand and the party discovered this staff alongside the body of Marroc. Unlike his helm and armor, the staff was not destroyed and was taken by Helm back to Edoras to help determine the source of this powerful shaman.
The staff is an old gnarled looking staff carved from a single oak bough. The wood itself is dark from wear and weather yet the staff remains strong. When held the staff causes the hand to tingle and after a while it begins to feel like it is heating up but to another who first touches either the staff or the hand it feels as if both are at a normal temperature. Along with the tingle of the hands, the staff seems to cause stomach sickness and nausea in those who pick it up.
Upon further inspection, a single long line can be seen carved along the length of the staff starting just below the collar of the wolf head. This line is marked with cross lines and notches in the pattern below.

The markings appear as if they were originally carved in the staff long ago and have been weathered black through years of use. But inside the markings along the length of the staff a dull ruddy glow can be seen emanating from the depths of these markings. However, no other carved portions of the staff including the wolf head show this sort of glowing.

Marroc's Staff

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