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Edoras is the seat of the kingdom of Rohan. The city was established by Eorl the young and his son Brego at the foot of the white mountains. The city is surrounded by a large wooden palisade and seated high on a hill overlooking the plains of Rohan. The river Snowbourne flows from the nearby White Mountains and then meets with the Entwash in the north.

Military Districts

There are three major military districts of Rohan, each led by a marshal who commands the full muster of the district. The military district containing Edoras is called The King’s Land and is the area in the immediate vicinity of the capital city. The Snowbourne River serves as the border between the two remaining districts the East-Mark and the West-mark. Control of this district lies under the first marshal of Rohan. The second marshal controlled the muster of the West-mark centered at the old Gondorian fortress of Aglarond while the third marshal in the East-mark was stationed in Aldburg the old capital city of Rohan.

Notable Locations


Meduseld was a great hall. Its thatched roof gleamed golden in the sunlight and could been seen from afar. A long, broad stair led up the green terrace to a wide paved area in front of the door. Guards sat on seats carved from stone on either side of the top step. The doors faced north and were made of wood carved with images of beasts and birds with jewelled eyes and golden claws. On either side of the doors stood pillars hewn from mighty trees carved with interlacing figures that were gilded and painted. The interior of Meduseld was a single long room. The high roof was supported by pillars that were decorated with carvings and gold and other colors. There was a louver in the roof that let out smoke and let in light. Light also came into the hall through slitted, unglazed windows under the eaves on the eastern side. On the walls were woven cloths that depicted scenes and figures from the history of the Rohirrim, including one of Eorl the Young mounted on Felarof riding to the Battle of the Field of Celebrant. There was a long hearth in the middle of the hall. At the south end of the hall facing the door was a dais with three steps. On the dais was the King’s throne, which was a great gilded chair.

Other Notes

Important Figures Met

Helm Hammerhand
Déorgar -Captain of Arms, First Muster

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