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Calendars of Middle-earth

Steward’s Reckoning

This is the standard calendar used throughout Middle-earth. It was created by Mardil in TA 2050 when the last king disappeared. It consists of 12 months with 30 days each. 5 extra days are added at the equinox’s and midsummer and midwinter. The calendar also has a 7 day week.

Steward’s Reckoning
Quenya Sindarin Translation Westron Duration Gregorian Equivalent
Yestarë Minien First Day First Day 1 day December 22
Narvinyë Narwain New Sun/Snowing Third Winter 30 days December 23- January 21
Nénimë Nínui Watery/Raining First Stirring 30 days January 22 -February 20
Súlìmë Gwaeron Windy Second Stirring 30 days February 21-Mar 22
Tuilérë Tuilor Spring Day Spring Day 1 day March 23
Víressë Gwirith Budding First Spring 30 days March 24-April 22
Lótessë Lothron Flowering Second Spring 30 days April 23-May 22
Náríë Nórui Pasturing First Summer 30 days May 23-June 21
Loëndë Endien Midyear’s Day Midyear’s Day 1 day June 22
Cermië Cerveth Harvesting Second Summer 30 days June 23-July 22
Urimë Urui Summer Heat Third Summer 30 days July 23-August 21
Yavannië Ivanneth Fruiting First Autumn 30 days August 22-September 20
Yáviérë Iavor Harvest-feast Day Harvest Day 1 day September 21
Narquelië Narbeleth Grape Harvesting Second Autumn 30 days September 22-October 21
Hísimë Hithui Foggy First Winter 30 days October 22-November 20
Ringarë Girithron Frosty Second Winter 30 days November 21-December 20
Mettarë Penninor Last Day Last Day 1 day December 21
Day meaning
Orgilion Starday
Oranor Sunday
Orithil Moonday
Orgaladh Treeday
Ormenel Heavenday
Orbelain Valarday
Oraearon Seaday

Shire Reckoning

This is the calendar used by the hobbits in the shire. It was adapted from the King’s reckoning in Arnor. It consists of 12 months of 30 days and 5 additional days but the additional days are distributed differently from the Steward’s Reckoning. The Calendar originates with the creation of the shire in TA 1601. This date corresponds to SR 1.

Shire Reckoning
Period Duration
Yule 1 day
Afteryule 30 days
Solmath 30 days
Rethe 30 days
Astron 30 days
Thrimidge 30 days
Forelithe 30 days
Lithe 1 day
Midyear’s Day 1 day
Lithe 1 day
Afterlithe 30 days
Wedmath 30 days
Halimath 30 days
Winterfilth 30 days
Blotmath 30 days
Foreyule 30 days
Yule 1 day

Use this link to translate shire reckoning and stewards reckoning into modern gregorian

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