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Fun Points

Mostly based on the Fun Point System used by Greg Bilsland, game designer for MM3 among others, the system described below rewards good roleplaying, game etiquette and table manners.

Fun Points can be gained by doing an assortment of different things and when 10 points are collected, they can be traded in to roll on the table listed below. The roll results in a temporary bonus or a permanent bonus depending on the description given in the table. Permanent bonuses become effective upon reaching the next level, while temporary bonuses can be “activated” at any desired time.

Gaining Points

Points can be gained in the following manners.

One Time
  • Write a well written generic character background -5 points
  • Write a well written character background involving terms and places of Middle-earth -10 points
  • Read the Combat Section of the Players Handbook -3 points
  • Learn about Middle-earth and answer 3 of 6 questions about it- 5 points(Can be reattempted on failure but 1 less point will be awarded with a minimum of 2)
  • Arrive on time to a D&D session and come prepared with character sheet, pencils, paper, books dice, power cards, etc. – 1 point
  • Note-taking (anyone who takes thorough notes) – 1 points
  • Bring Snack Food/Drinks – 1 points (2 for really good food)
  • Bringing props for your character – clothing items, weapons, trinkets, etc. – 1 point/session

The Fun list

Fun Point Chart
Roll Result Effect
1-2 Craftsman’s Eye +10 to either an appraise or a craft check just made
3-4 The Gymnast +10 to either a balance or tumble check just made
5-6 Glib Tongue +10 to either a bluff or diplomacy check just made
7-8 Like the Monkey +10 to either a climb or jump check just made
9-10 Now that’s Focus +10 to a concentration check just made
11-12 Counterfeiter +10 to either a decipher script or forgery check just made
13-14 Nimble Fingers +10 to either a disable device or open lock check just made
15-16 Actor +10 to either a disguise or perform check just made
17-18 Houdini +10 to either a escape artist or sleight of hand check just made
19-20 It’s Elementary Watson +10 to either a gather information or sense motive check just made
21-22 The Cowboy +10 to either a handle animal or ride check just made
23-24 Field Medic +10 to a heal check just made
25-26 Shhhhhh +10 to either a hide or move silently check just made
27-28 Bouncer +10 to an intimidate check just made
29-30 Know it All +10 to a knowledge check just made
31-32 No one else saw that? +10 to either a listen or spot check just made
33-34 Search and Rescue +10 to a search check just made
35-36 Triathlete +10 to either a swim or ride check just made
37 I remember how to do that +5 to any skill check just made
38 A Smattering of words read and speak one language for a day
39 Bull’s Eye Ignore attack penalties for the entire encounter
40 Second Line of Defense Ignore defense penalties for the entire encounter
41 Use the Force Re-roll one attack roll
42 Let me try that again Re-roll any number of damage dice just rolled
43 Lucky Duck Re-roll any one dice
44 Quicker than you Move to the top of Initiative order
45 Eyes in the back of the head Immune to flanking for the entire encounter
46 I am Wolverine Receive Regen 5 for the entire encounter
47 Tis but a flesh wound Take only half damage weapon attacks for the entire encounter
48 I totally saw that coming Entire group is not surprised this encounter
49 Prophetic Insight Know the answer to one yes/no question(DM’s Discretion)
50 You win D&D Succeed at anything(DM’s Discretion)
51-53 Youthful Health Permanent +3 Vitality Points
54-56 I’ve got a knack for this Permanent +2 bonus to one random skill
57-59 Diligence is key Permanent +2 bonus to any one skill
60-62 Jack of All Trades Permanent +2 to two random skills
63-65 Luck of the Irish Gain the extraordinary power of good fortune(Cleric Luck Domain)
66-68 These (Insert Enemy Here) are starting to tick me off Permanent +1 bonus to attack rolls against one random favored enemy
69-70 Accuracy matters Permanent +1 bonus to attack rolls
71-72 Heavy Swinger Permanent +1 bonus to damage rolls
73-74 Skills to pay the bills Bonus Skill Feat
75-76 Martial Training Bonus Fighter Feat
77-78 Quick Learner Bonus Feat
79-80 Penny Saver Permanent +1 to one random save bonus
N/A Lucky Find Magic Weapon: Lucky you! You find a magic weapon of your level + 1d4 (or lower)
81-82 Lucky Find Magic Armor: Lucky you! You find a magic weapon of your level + 1d4 (or lower)
83 Lucky Find Magic Item: Lucky you! You find a magic item of your level + 1d4 (or lower)
84 Lucky Find Treasure: Double the amount of non-magical treasure you just found
N/A Lucky Find Upgrade a magic item you just received to 1 level higher
85-86 Go for the Jugular Permanent +1 to crit range
87 It’s All in the Wrist Permanent +4 to hit on a crit threat
88 Keep your weapons sharp, but your wits sharper Permanent +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls
89 That’s not Stock Permanent +5 to speed after multiples etc.
90 I am really starting to hate those Orcs Permanent +2 damage against one random favored enemy
91 Lizard Skin Permanent +1 natural armor bonus
92 Fountain of Youth Permanent +6 Vitality Points
93 He’s a tough one Permanent +3 Wound Points
94 Thick Skinned Damage Reduction -/1
95 Really Thick Skinned Damage Reduction -/2
96 Tougher, Faster, Smarter. Well, 2 out of 3 Aint bad Permanent +1 to two random save scores
97 - Permanent +1 to one random ability score
98 Self Improvement Permanent +1 to one ability score
99 Double the Fun Roll Twice on the table
100 The Choice is mine Choose One Result from the Table

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