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Ride Checks and Armor Check Penalties

  • In my opinion Ride checks should have an armor check penalty associated with all the actions. Someone in full plate would have a harder time dropping down and hanging alongside the mount than someone who is not wearing any armor.

Fractional BAB/ Saves

  • To help ease the trouble of forced multiclassing an NPC level and then possible later multiclassing, the fractional BAB/Saves system will be used. For each level of BAB add 1(good), 3/4(med), 1/2(bad) based on the progression for a given class. Round down to find the new total. Ex: Aristocrat(3/4) and Rogue(3/4) would normally produce a 0 BAB at 1Arist/1Rogue but here it produces a BAB 1 (1.5).
    The same procedure applies for saves. 1/2(good) 1/3(bad). In addition, a good save gives a bonus of 2 on the first level so it progresses 2.5,3,3.5 etc.

Dice Rolls

  • Use real dice. Its not that i dont trust the randomness of a digital dice roller, its just well, it’s more exciting or something like that.
  • Dice do not have to be rolled in front of the DM or anything like that but don’t abuse that and fudge rolls.
  • Rolls must be made on a hard flat surface that is open enough to accommodate a good roll. They are called “Rolls” for a reason. Simply dropping a dice onto a small textbook(although rigid enough) does not provide enough space for a competent roll. Simply put, use good judgment for how and where you roll.
  • Dice leaning against something will be checked in this manner. If a d6 can be put on top and stay without sliding, then it is considered a valid roll. Otherwise, simply re roll.
  • There is no rule about whether or not a dice that rolls off the table will be counted or not. I will leave that to your personal judgement. However, remain consistent in each game session with your own choice regarding whether or not you count your dice rolls off of the table. As long as you have decided before rolling and you stick with that decision, I don’t care. I personally will not count my own dice rolling off the table.

d20 Rules

  • d20 Rolls are being rolled in a manner that allows for greater heroics. For skill checks and other checks, a 20 does not automatically succeed. However, a 20 is counted as 30. On the same note a 1 does not auto fail and is counted as -10.

Attack Rolls

  • A Natural 20 Always Hits.
  • A Natural 1 Always Misses (& Fumbles). On a fumble, a Reflex check will be taken to prevent something from happening. Varying with the situation, this could result in falling prone, dropping your weapon, or provoking an attack of opportunity.
  • Critical Hits will be treated as normal D&D 3.5 rules. That is, on a roll of a critical threat, another attack roll is made to determine if the critical threat succeeds or not. If the second roll hits the targets AC, the initial roll was a successful critical hit. If the second roll is not a hit, the initial roll is not a critical but still is a normal hit.
  • However, A variant on this critical rule will be used. If the second attack roll on a critical threat is a natural 20, then another attack roll is made. If this third attack roll is a hit, then the target is instantly killed.

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