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XP Rewards

XP will be rewarded in two seperate portions. This does not mean that there is less XP. In fact, this means that there is more per encounter and advancing is accelerated.

  • Group XP: Group XP will be rewarded as normal for defeating monsters, overcoming challenges, etc. If a character is present in the group(explained below) then they will receive this XP.
  • Individual XP: Individual XP will be rewarded as a BONUS for good roleplaying, and creative thinking. Its great if you can kill a group of invading orcs all on your own. But if you instead trigger a rockslide that takes out the group with less threat to you or your party then you will get a bonus on top of the normal group XP.

Missing a Session

  • If the storyline permits a character to be removed from the individual session(DM Discretion), then they will be removed for the session and no XP will be rewarded. If the Character cannot be removed (An extended dungeon crawl for example) then their character will be played by another player and that character will only receive 25% of the XP that he normally would for Group XP. The player who is missing a session has final say in what player gets control of his character, if none has been chosen the DM has final say.
  • Roleplaying during a missed session. If you send me a detailed account of what you are doing while away from the party then you can recover some of the missed XP. The account must be sent at least 24 hours before the next session. Earlier returns will receive a slight increase in XP returned but the overall quality is by far the determining factor. The amount recovered varies with the level of thought and depth put into this extra roleplaying. Below are two examples of roleplaying during a missed session.

Example 1: While the rest of the party departs from Bree to go to explore the evil at work in the barrow downs, my character Bob will stay in the Prancing Pony and pound down the pints until they return.
-This character would receive at most single digit XP points(Mostly from Pity). On top of the wonderfully creative name and clearly developed backstory, the character does not do anything to either benefit himself or the party.

Example 2: While the party go to the Barrow Downs directly to explore the evil at work, my character Arvedui III instead takes a different road out of Bree. While they travel West from Bree, I take the Great East Road east towards the hills of Rhudaur. I will ride hurriedly yet warily to Rhudaur to find my Dunedain relatives. I avoid conflicts that I am not completely certain i can succeed in (Such as a pair of roaming orcs or goblins). Once i find the Rangers of the North, I consult with the chieftain Arador. I will ask him for any information about the evil that may be present in the Barrow Downs and see if he has any knowledge of the source. If neither he nor the other Dunedain elders in Rhudaur are able to pass on any information, I return to Bree. Combined with riding to Rhudaur and back along the Great East road, I expect this to take 10 days. I will inform my party of my expected duration and return again to the Prancing Pony and wait any extra time. Instructions to the Party—If I have not returned in 10 days, I ask that they wait for dawn the next day to search for me along the road. Although i cannot reveal the location of the rangers, if I have not been found along the road, light a fire atop the ruins of Amon Sul and The rangers will cautiously come to you.
-In this example, the player has put some thought into probing his background(In this case one of the dunedain of Arnor, cousin to Aragorns father) for help with the current party goal. There is also a level of research put into the world surrounding the party(location of the rangers in Rhudaur, and the Great East road) and the history of it as well. This would not only result in a large fraction of the Group XP missed by the character, but may also result in some information the party wouldnt have gathered simply by traveling to the Barrow Downs and even possibly an additional Group XP bonus to the whole party for obtaining that information.

In some instances, a missed session roleplay may require an additional mini session between the player and DM to be enacted before the next full session. These sessions may not always be for the benefit of the player either. For instance, in the first example, Bob may get too drunk to realize that the woman trying to help him off the floor is not in fact a thief trying to take his money. Depending on his reaction to a “thief” Bob may end up in more trouble than he wanted. But thats not to say that the encounter will automatically go poorly for him. He may have overheard something important in the bar(But will have difficulty explaining it to his party when he is on the hangover of his life). The second example may result in a few minor combats with orcs or hill men marauders.

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