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Items of Middle-earth

Non-magic Items

Non Magic Items
Item Name Description Market Price Weight
Rohan Squires Saddle The rider gains a +3 competency bonus on ride checks and has a 75% chance of falling out if knocked unconcious(Only available in Rohan) 100 sp 30 lb
Sturdy Horseshoes When all four horseshoes are worn the mount gains +5 movement speed 500 sp 4(1 ea) lb

Magic Items

Minor Magic Items
Item Name Notes Market Price Weight
Travellers Cloak The wearer is warmed or cooled as if affected by an Endure Elements spell 800 sp 1.5 lb

Heirloom Items

Specific Items
Item Name Notes Weight
Glambthanc Dwarven Waraxe created by the firebeards 1.5 lb
Horthereg Noldorin Rapier 1 lb
Aglaram Gondorian Heavy Steel Shield 15 lb
Garuthador Silvan Great Bow 4 lb
Caladnestadren Sindarin Silver Circlet -


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