Healer in the Súthburg House of Healing.



Déorwyn is one of the healers in the House of Healing.

Physical appearance:

She is a woman in her mid 30s who has aged remarkably well despite her hardships. She is thin and taller than other women in Rohan.
She is often seen wearing a stained hand towel over her waist belt while she is in the House of Healing.


She is kind, friendly, and selfless.



She is from a village in the countryside surrounding Súthburg.
Her husband was killed while fighting Freca and the rebels in the West .
She and her son moved to the fortress after her husband’s death.
Her son joined the 2nd Muster earlier in the year when he became old enough. He was captured in the battle at the Fords. The party freed him in the raid on the Dunlending camp.


She watched as Cúthalion started healing a soldier considered to be a lost cause in the House of Healing
She saw Wulfric arrested for treason
She met Gilfalassë and thanked him for saving her son and told him about Wulfric’s arrest


She loves her only remaining son more than anything.
She is very grateful for the party returning her son from prison
She is impressed with Cúthalion after seeing his healing skills.


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