Vestments of Healing


Allows the wearer to cast 1 additional Cure Moderate Wounds Spell/ day at + 1 Caster Lvl.
The wearer must be able to cast Cure Moderate Wounds on his or her own.


These vestments appear to be grey in color during the day light hours but when the night comes and the moon is not in the sky the vestments shine with a dull silver light. The vestments are made to resemble the vestments of Estë the healer of hurts and weariness.

These vestments were given to the Elf Cúthalion as a token of appreciation from the Dúnedain Finduilas, High Priest of the Halls of the Faithful in Pelargir. The vestments were given when Cúthalion and others defended the Halls of the Faithful from the attacks of the corsairs on Starday 9 Ivanneth(First Autumn) T.A. 2758.

Vestments of Healing

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