Adventures in Arda

2.6.3 Inside the Fortress


Inside the Fortress


Moonday 6 Hithui(Foggy) – (First Winter) T.A. 2758

Dagorhir turns up to the main courtyard and enters the great hall. As he does, he is greeted by the guards who seem pleased to see him again. He passes through the great hall and turns past the chapel and houses of healing before entering the armory. He rounds the corner and enters the armory, across the hall from the guard house. When he comes to the door, he sees a room full of armor and weapons with a small table in the corner. A portly man shuffles about the room, setting up for the day. He flips open a large ledger on the table and pulls open a drawer and pulls out an ink pot and shuffles through the drawer to find a quill and pulls a stool up to the table to sit down.

Dagorhir walks up to the man and begins to strike up a conversation.
The man is startled as Dagorhir approaches and speaks to him.

Oh, Dagorhir. I was wondering when I would get to meet you. I have heard much about your brilliant shield and was hoping to see it for myself.

He steps towards Dagorhir, admiring his armor and shield before pausing.
bq). Forgive me where are my manner. I am Oswine, the quartermaster of the old fortress.

Dagorhir continues talking with him, asking him small talk questions. Asking how the armory is holding up, how the people are faring.

These are busy times with all the refugees seeking protection. Fortunately the armory is well stocked. The food is a different matter but my assistants tell me that you and your friends have returned with a good deal of livestock this morning so that will help on that front. I have also heard that you have returned with a few of the horses that were missing from the stables and I have sent a young lad to go get an idea of which ones have returned.

Eventually, he asks if he would be able to replace the lance that he left behind in the raid the night before. When Dagorhir asks about replacing his lance Oswine scratches his head a second and flips the ledger a few pages. He begins peaking. before tracing is finger down the page.

Our knights prefer to ride light and fast and favor light spears to heavy lances. It has been many years since we have had a company of Gondorian knights stay within our walls. If they happened to leave some lances, they would have been put into the cavern store rooms long ago.

He pauses a second

Ah, here we are. It looks like their might be one still stored in the caverns. Unfortunately, there are more pressing issues right now but in a few days when we are settled again I can send my assistant Aelfric to you and have him take you down there and let you in to the caverns. Is there anything else I can do for you?

Dagorhir responds

I believe that will be all for now. It was just unfortunate that I had to leave my lance behind in the raid, I wasn’t really thinking ahead before we left. It was an honor to meet you Oswine. You seem to be doing good work here in the armory preparing for the impending siege.
I will look forward to meeting Aelfric when he has the time to come find me. My companions and I shouldn’t be too hard to find. If you have anything you may need of me, don’t be afraid to ask it.

Oswine responds to Dagorhir’s kindness.

Thank you for stopping in Dagorhir. It was my pleasure to have met you and put a face to the renown.

Oswine shakes Dagorhir’s hand as he turns and leaves the armory out into the hallway.
Dagorhir returns past the house of healing and chapel and out into the courtyard. From there he passes down the causeway to the side gate out to the Coombe. He passes on through tents and shelters of refugees starting to begin their mornings. Some have a fire starting to cook some sausage or a rasher of bacon, others are breaking their fast through more meager means. Some recognize Dagorhir and greet him or offer him some of their morning meal. Others are slightly confused by the presence of a lone knight of Gondor. Eventually, Dagorhir arrives at the cart and goes inside the tent to rest.

Dagorhir takes his armor off and neatly arranges it at his feet inside the tent. He lays down on his bedroll with his sword by his side. Moments after he lays down and shuts his eyes, Dagorhir hears an arrival at the cart and looks up to see CĂșthalion enter the tent. The half-elf simply nods as he enters moves towards his sleeping roll to meditate on the day’s events.



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