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Aglarond is an old fortress of gondor that was built in the second age to guard the fords of the Isen. Aglarond is situated on the northern side of a spur the White Mountains just south of the Gap of Rohan.
Aglarond is the name for the glittering Caves that lay behind the fortress. The fortress was built in front of the entrance to these caves and took their name. Through the waning of the power of Gondor, the guard posted here and at Angrenost dwindled and began to intermary with local Dunlendings. When Calenardhon was given to the Éothéod in T.A. 2510, control of Aglarond was given to the Rohirrim and they named the fortress Súthburg. The Gondorian garrison intermingled with the garrison at Angrenost and continued to stay there for a small period.
Súthburg was used as a fortress to help guard the fords of the Isen River to the north, and acted as a central command location for the Second Marshal of the West-mark.

Due to recent events in the West-Mark and all of Rohan, Súthburg has become a refuge for the many farmers and villagers that are under threat of Dunlending attacks.

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